About Us

eureka earth® is the opposite of fake news. We are real-time news and intelligence sourced by the public, “civic intelligence.”

IMAGINE THIS: go to Google Earth* 3D, zoom-in to 1,000' AGL, then make it LIVE - add an aircraft tracking window to monitor the flight path - add navigational prompts, camera controls, and an image gallery - now make it all simple, safe, legal, FAA compliant . . . and MAKE IT PUBLIC.

Version 1.0

eureka earth® is "civic intelligence"

Note: Google Earth* is a trademark owned by Google.  We claim no rights.

Our Mission

Our purpose is to serve the common good. We understand the value of timely intelligence, openly shared. We assert that intelligence is not for governments alone - but for an informed populace, for business, and for seekers of truth. We are committed to making eureka earth® the premier source of civic intelligence.

Our freedom

Freedom depends on free press, and the First Amendment to our U.S. Constitution protects it. The Second reinforces it. So, here’s the deal. I like to fly and spy. I don't just want to hear about it.  I want to see for myself.  I am passionate about being engaged, and I want to share this passion with you.

eureka earth® will enable you to be at the virtual controls. But even before we complete the interface, you can post a target request -HERE- and our network of operators will fly them (currently serving DC, GA, & SC). We will continue to add controls, allowing you to direct both the vehicle and the camera LIVE, while the world watches. This is a first, as we offer unmitigated raw access to real live news. We will help you “discover the present."

"Intelligence sees things as they are; wisdom sees things as they should be." Matshona Dihlayo

Use intelligence wisely.