Our Story

Our Story starts with a deeply rooted American Patriot with sworn conviction to defend our Constitution and to uphold the principles of a government of the people, by the people, and for the people.

Self-reliance, inalienable rights, personal responsibility, individual freedoms - such a grand combination of virtues underpinning our free society. I accept my obligation to safeguard these, as they are part of my DNA.

I am a tenth generation American, whose pioneer grandmother was taken captive and raised by native Indians. Later rescued, Elizabeth Keener married a seven year veteran of the American Revolution, John Dobbins . . . my ancestor.

I too, followed the military tradition by serving in the 24th Infantry Division, 82nd Airborne Infantry, and III Corp Artillery. After the Army I joined a paramilitary team securing nuclear reactors from which I was recruited by the U.S. Secret Service. There, I protected Presidents Reagan & Bush, Pope John Paul II, Russian President Gorbachev, and Israeli Prime Minister Shamir - all while majoring in International Studies at The American University, DC.

After achieving career status with the U.S.S.S. I moved on to private business and earned a Commercial Pilot License to fly multi & single-engine land and seaplanes. My passion for aviation eventually led to a seven-year stint flying surveillance from austere war outposts. There, I supported U.S. and NATO Special Forces, U.S. Task Force units, and U.S. Marine Expeditionary Forces.

I’ve been shot at, I’ve shot back . . . and I have helped track down some pretty bad folks who will never again pose a threat.

Surveillance is what I do best. And, I’m sharing my best with you.

Let’s “discover the present” together!

Dave Dobbins, founder of eureka earth®, by Cīvicus Media, LLC