News From Over the Clubhouse - LIVE Aerials and 5G

October 1, 2020

Eureka Earth® (by Cīvicus Media)

AUGUSTA, Ga. — What does The Augusta National Golf Tournament have to do with 5G?

Golfing fans may soon find out. Leading up to the 2019 Masters Eureka Earth’s founder teased John Legere, of T-Mobile fame, with a parody of the T-Mobile logo. 

The Augusta start-up, hoping to gain the attention of a leading 5G champion, was vying for a technology partnership to support development of the Eureka Earth platform. Air-to-ground and ground-to-air communications (i.e. Uplink/Downlink) are key. Despite the overture, John did not respond, the photo plane was not painted hot pink, and the search continued for solid technology  partnering to develop “Aerial Intelligence – Live HD, on-demand, and controlled from anywhere.”

Could it happen in 2020? I wonder what a Verizon, or AT&T airplane would look like?

Enjoying the view,

David Dobbins


AOPA Magazine - Skyhawk Surveillance

Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association's Jim Moore, Editor-Web, posted our story - announced Eureka Earth

Check out the Story 

Skyhawk Surveillance – Building a Fractionalized and Failsafe Venue for Self-Served Civic Intelligence, Operating Aircraft Over Populated Places With an Externally Mounted Camera – a Flight School Opportunity

In the NEWS - WJBF Augusta - Channel 6

WJBF Channel 6 Augusta  (WATCH the video)

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) — Streets in the Garden City are busier than normal due to master's week but now a free traffic report is available for your smartphone with a unique twist. 

A local media company teamed up with MVP Aviation for a look at the traffic on your phone.

Eureka Earth Webcast gives you a bird's eye view of your destination.

A plane flying 12,000 feet in the air with an h-d camera makes it possible for you to keep a look out for the event headed your way.

"There's something that could go on in downtown Augusta and if you're logged in you could say hey I would like for you to capture this event and tell the pilot to go to the exact location and livestream that out to you,"  Director of Marketing and Media Relations DeAndre Cochran told NewsChannel 6's Ashley Jones. 

Streaming began April 8 for The Masters. 

Augusta start-up wants to be the Uber of aerial photography

Eureka Earth’s niche is to provide images at higher resolution than satellites and capture footage in places where unmanned “drone” aircraft are prohibited under Federal Aviation Administration regulations.

And unlike Google Earth, whose 3D aerial images can be months old, Dobbins’ service is geared to deliver instant images of America’s most populous areas.

82% of the U.S. population lives in 3% of the landmass. Those are the cities – drones can’t fly freely over the cities.