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PGA TOUR "Good, Bad, Unusual"

The Augusta National Golf Course lawn fairies continue to astonish - Transforming the grounds in record time.  

Some were concerned for the November preparation. These shots leave little doubt. Eureka Earth provides the images. 

From hay field, September 23rd (left) to lush green by October 3rd, 2020 (right). PGA Tour Entertainment series "Good, Bad, Unusual" reports.

Masters 2020

COVID-19 postponement

(the epic non-event)

Eureka Earth images help golf fans relive 2019 Masters Tournament

Augusta's ABC News Channel 6,

Colin Cody/April 2020

How a pilot flying above Augusta captured Masters photos unlike any other 

"His piece de resistance was a snap of Tiger’s caddie, Joe LaCava, tossing a ball to his boss on the 9th green."

Alan Bastable/April 2020

Haunting image illustrates April without a Masters

"A stark reminder of the Masters that wasn’t, with only the echoes"

"It's so not loud, It's loud." "Tiger said he 'still has goosebumps'"

Scott Michaux/April 2020

Masters 2019

Jack Nicklaus and Gary Player kick off the 2019 Masters. 

Eureka Earth was there to capture the moment.

Masters 2018

As proof of concept, Eureka Earth flew a photo mission over the Augusta National Masters Golf Tournament April 18th, capturing Patrick Reed putting Hole #9 on his way to winning the Green Jacket. - read more in the Augusta Chronicle

Damon Cline/August 2019

Press Release

Near impossible conditions over the 2019 Masters Golf Tournament showcase the potential of self-service on-demand aerials by Eureka Earth.  

News: Self-Served Aerials – Building a Fractionalized and Failsafe Venue for Civic Intelligence
The Uberization of Airborne Data

(download .pdf)

David Dobbins/September 2019

Our Plan

Eureka Earth® is leveraging a convergence of technology by tapping into the best of five markets: smart city technology, consumer drones, military UAV’s, satellite imaging, and traditional aerial photography. 

We are developing a system which will access any commercial U.S. airspace at low-altitude. This enables us to provide very high-resolution images (pixel as fine as one inch).  We are able to operate continuously for hours and carry sophisticated camera/sensor payloads of military quality. 

Not rocket science:  We are not satellite dependent, though we do plan to include a satellite big-pixel base-map.  We're not a street map company either, but we will provide a map layer to aid in navigation.

Where we will excel is in the utilization of general aviation aircraft, like the venerable Cessna 172. This will enable us to operate below the clouds and as low as a 1,000 feet over a city.  Our web venue will eventually include small drones. We also envision ground level services. Perhaps we will find support for this within the ride-share community.

Our key initiative that sets us apart from other mapping and surveillance providers is the development of a web-based service which will allow most any subscriber to view images, track aircraft, and interact with missions – LIVE.  One user will be able to accomplish a mission and then hand the system off to the next user in the queue. This fractionally shared access to the system will dilute the cost and keep our price very competitive. Best of all, the general public will be able to participate from any web access point in the free world. 

First Movers: We are still early in this game, but as 5G networks roll out, we are poised to capitalize on the increased bandwidth keeping latency to a minimum - making real-time a reality.

We are excited about sharing this journey as we live out our mantra: "Bringing anyplace to your face." Please join us!

About Us

Eureka Earth® is the opposite of fake news. We are real-time news and intelligence sourced by the public, “civic intelligence.”

IMAGINE THIS: go to Google Earth* 3D, zoom-in to 1,000' AGL, then make it LIVE - add an aircraft tracking window to monitor the flight path - add navigational prompts, camera controls, and an image gallery - now make it all simple, safe, legal, FAA compliant . . . and MAKE IT PUBLIC.

Version 1.0

Eureka Earth® is "civic intelligence"

Note: Google Earth* is a trademark owned by Google.  We claim no rights.

Our Mission

Our purpose is to serve the common good. We understand the value of timely intelligence, openly shared. We assert that intelligence is not for governments alone - but for an informed populace, for business, and for seekers of truth. We are committed to making Eureka Earth® the premier source of civic intelligence.

Our freedom

Freedom depends on free press, and the First Amendment to our U.S. Constitution protects it. The Second reinforces it. So, here’s the deal. I like to fly and spy. I don't just want to hear about it.  I want to see for myself.  I am passionate about being engaged, and I want to share this passion with you.

Eureka Earth® will enable you to be at the virtual controls. But even before we complete the interface, you can post a target request -HERE- and our network of operators will fly them (currently serving DC, GA, & SC). We will continue to add controls, allowing you to direct both the vehicle and the camera LIVE, while the world watches. This is a first, as we offer unmitigated raw access to real live news. We will help you “discover the present."

"Intelligence sees things as they are; wisdom sees things as they should be." 

Matshona Dihlayo

Use intelligence wisely. 

Our Story

. . . starts with a deeply rooted American Patriot with sworn conviction to defend our Constitution and to uphold the principles of a government of the people, by the people, and for the people.

Self-reliance, inalienable rights, personal responsibility, individual freedoms - such a grand combination of virtues underpinning our free society. I accept my obligation to safeguard these, as they are part of my DNA.

I am a tenth generation American, whose pioneer grandmother was taken captive and raised by native Indians. Later rescued, Elizabeth Keener married a seven year veteran of the American Revolution, John Dobbins . . . my ancestor.

I too, followed the military tradition by serving in the 24th Infantry Division, 82nd Airborne Infantry, and III Corp Artillery. After the Army I joined a paramilitary team securing nuclear reactors from which I was recruited by the U.S. Secret Service. There, I protected Presidents Reagan & Bush, Pope John Paul II, Russian President Gorbachev, and Israeli Prime Minister Shamir - all while majoring in International Studies at The American University, DC.

After achieving career status with the U.S.S.S. I moved on to private business and earned a Commercial Pilot License to fly multi & single-engine land and seaplanes. My passion for aviation eventually led to a seven-year stint flying surveillance from austere war outposts. There, I supported U.S. and NATO Special Forces, U.S. Task Force units, and U.S. Marine Expeditionary Forces.

I’ve been shot at, I’ve shot back . . . and I have helped track down some pretty bad folks who will never again pose a threat.

Surveillance is what I do best. And, I’m sharing my best with you.

Let’s “discover the present” together!

David Dobbins, founder of Eureka Earth® by Cīvicus Media, LLC